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Submitted on
July 7, 2012
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There they were. The "famous five." The most popular boys in your entire Highschool.
It sickened you to look at them. They were the very you were a nerd. Because you wanted to stay far, far away from them. So that you didn't fall in love with them. Walking into the class, you heard sniggering from behind you when you sat down, and you turned to see the 5 looking down at you.
You glared at them.
"What do you want?" You asked rudely.
They smirk, and Lukas leans down, "You." He whispers. You get up straight away and move to another seat, leaving a trail of jelous glares from other girls.

The rest of the day went quite normally, apart from the sneaky looks they kept stealing of your butt, the occasional pick-up line and threat from them and their fan-girls.

At the end of the day, your teacher told you that you'd be tutoring a boy because he really needed to pass this next test he had, and you were top of the class. To your horror it was Mathias Kohler. Crud.

You sat down, glaring daggers at him.

"So... Um... What're you gonna teach me first?" he asks nervously.
"How about how to NOT be a pervert?" You growl.
He sweatdropps, "S-sorry."
"What the crap is your problem?" You ask.

"Spit it out."
"I'vekindofhadacrushonyouforages...actuallyallfiveofushave,butmethemost.I'velovedyousinceIfirstsawyou." He gabbles, and you make out, crush on you, all five of us have, I've loved you.

You grow red with anger, "THIS IS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE, ISN'T IT?"
You yell, whipping your head around as if you expected Lukas to leap out and scream: YOU JUST GOT PRANKED! In your face.

When nothing happens, you push him away from you and storm out of the class.
"Well, that failed."
This is something I got the idea for and decided to give it to :iconladyfruit: because She's been really nice to me. It's really short, but I'm not sure if I'll continue this...
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